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Mens Leather Cross Body Bag


Mens Leather cross-body Bag

  • Organizer pocket to hold accessories
  • Material: cow skin.
  • 1 Leather strap, 3 compartments
  • No use of fabric
  • Protective storage bag
  • Lockable: Help to maintain privacy.
  • 2 Keys also available with the lock.
  • Adjustable Starp according to your body posture.
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Men’s Leather Cross Body Bag


it is specifically used for traveling purposes.

All In ONE:

In which you put all types of tickets, pads, mobile tab, pads, and cell phones.

You don’t need any documents File.

It reduces the space.

Effect on Your Personality :

It will have a positive effect on your personality as well as it increases your personality and you look like a more handsome and decent person.

Material :

It is made up of pure cow leather.

Quality :

It is high-quality leather with zero synthetics in it.

No artificial leather is used in it.

Best quality of finishing used in it.


  • It is used both by males & females.
  • It becomes more smooth when you start using it.
  • Traveling shoulder bags in Pakistan


  • Length: 9.5In(24cm),
  • Width: 6.5In(16cm) .


  • Don’t use it in water.
  • Don’t wash it.
  • Only clean with a cloth.

Message For customer:

Idrees Leather is the name of Leather WORLD which gives all goods made up of only natural animal skin. we are always sincere with our customers. never cheat anyone else. All are equal even 1 is buying 100,000 or 2nd one buying of 100 only. we care about all our customers because they are our family. we deal in all kinds of leather garments.

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 cm

Black, Brown, Chocolate


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