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Lets Talk About Our Story

A Story began in 1984 when a young guy moving on the roads to find a job with having some experience of leather Products and with few pence of Money.
Then he decided to make his own business of leather products.
He starts with few pence and as time went by he become the manufacturer of leather products in his Town

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About US

The leather industry is 1 of the oldest industry in the world in which we use 4R Cycles to preserve the skins and make them possible to use for many products.
The leather industry is not an industry but it is itself a World that joins the different people of the World and makes it a Global Village.
The Main exported Product of the World is Leather Products.
In the past, people use different organic materials to preserve the skin but nowadays Everybody Use the latest technology to preserve it, And on this principle, we are going on:

Idrees Leather is the new World of Leather Products.
We are introducing the unique and elegant design of leather products and make it very easy for the people at their Doorstep.
We are experts of
1. Leather wearing Products
2. Leather traveling Products
3. Leather Product Accessories

We are making all the things in Cowhide and in Sheep skin

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